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A Fort Worth Full Service Propane Company

Propane Bottle Service is a locally owned and operated Fort Worth propane company serving the needs of residential, commercial and industrial propane users. We are a full service company delivering propane to family homes as well as installing tanks of all sizes for varying uses. Our capabilities extend beyond that of most propane companies in the Fort Worth area.

Pay Your Bill

We have the capacity to undertake projects of all sizes including municipal distribution systems for entire neighborhoods utilizing propane. We also handle multi-tank installations and high volume demand systems. Our focus is customer care and quality service with safety as our top priority. Propane Bottle Service strives in all ways to be the preferred propane company in Fort Worth, Texas.

Propane Products - Bottles, Tanks and Kerosene

Propane Bottle Service stocks numerous propane products for the Fort Worth area propane consumer market. Propane Bottle Service is a full service propane energy supplier. We provide propane in all quantities from 20# cylinders to bulk delivery of any amount. At our office on the Jacksboro Highway we have filled commercial and residential cylinders for over 50 years while our fleet of delivery trucks travels throughout the DFW metroplex daily making bulk deliveries to our commercial and residential propane and kerosene customers. Our customers depend on us to provide for all of their propane needs. We supply energy for home heating, cooking, and water heating. We supply propane for swimming pools both commercial and residential. Our commercial customers use propane for a wide variety of purposes including restaurants, commercial heating, temporary heating, manufacturing, and propane forklift operation, to name a few. If your Fort Worth/DFW home or business needs propane, Propane Bottle Service can provide everything you need.

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks available for installation in our Fort Worth service area include 250 gallon, 500 gallon and 1,000 gallon tanks. We have both above ground and underground tanks available for installation at residential or commercial locations. Our propane tanks are built to the strictest standards outlined by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Fort Worth and DFW propane consumers looking for a propane tank for their home or business can rely upon Propane Bottle Service for an appropriately sized tank for any application.

Propane Cylinders

The Fort Worth and DFW metroplex uses propane cylinders and bottles in any number of applications. Our company stocks and sells propane bottles for all types of uses across our service area. One type of bottle we stock is for forklift users. These propane bottles are in use all across the Fort Worth and DFW areas for warehouse and materials handling applications. In addition to stocking propane bottles and cylinders, we can offer services for forklift fleets, temporary heating and other applications using propane bottles. We also carry the commonly used 20 pound cylinders for bbq grills. Other cylinder sizes we carry, in addition to 20# cylinders include sizes for particular applications such as travel trailers or construction jobs. RV and camping enthusiasts can find 30# and 40# cylinders available at our location, where we also fill RV and camping propane bottles. Moreover, construction and building contractors will find filling and sales of larger 100# (25 gallon) cylinders for roofing kettles and other jobsite needs requiring propane. Contact Propane Bottle Service today for your propane cylinder needs.


Propane Bottle Service is one of a few companies to carry kerosene in Fort Worth. Kerosene is becoming increasingly hard to find in Fort Worth at reasonable prices and in usable amounts. At our convenient location on Jacksboro Highway in northwest Fort Worth, we offer kerosene in any quantity you require. From ½ gallon to large bulk quantities we can provide industrial grade kerosene at commercially reasonable prices. You can bring your container to our office to have it filled or for extremely large quantities of kerosene, we can arrange for delivery to your location. Contact our office for more information about Fort Worth kerosene services provided by Propane Bottle Service.

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